Transportation and Injection of Growth Hormone

To make an injection of growth hormone, you need an intelligent approach and a list of several sequential actions, which we will discuss in this article. We will also talk about how to transport somatropin and at what time it is better to do injections for the least effective assimilation of the hormone in the human body.

What Do You Need for Injection

Firstly, you need a 100-ml insulin syringe with a long needle. The peculiarity of this syringe is that it quickly and reliably delivers somatropin to your body. Such syringe is used for diabetes mellitus, for the rapid transport of protein and amino acids. Secondly, you need to buy water for injection, which is sold in almost every pharmacy.

Thirdly, in addition to insulin syringes, you need normal 5-ml ones, with a long needle too. This syringe is required for filling with water for injection and reconstituting growth hormone in this water. In addition, you should buy cotton wool, cotton pads, alcohol for skin disinfection and solution-containing vials in advance.

Correct reconstitution of growth hormone.

For proper growth hormone reconstitution, you need water for injection. Thanks to it, you can store the solution for 14 calendar days.

Step 1. Fill the 5-ml syringe with water for injection. In order to avoid getting water on the powder, inject the contents of the syringe into the growth hormone-containing vial very slowly, so that it flows down the wall.

Step 2. Even more carefully, avoiding stirring and shaking, begin to rotate the vial until the contents are completely dissolved. To reconstitute growth hormone, one or two milliliters are enough per vial containing somatropin.

Calculate the dose of growth hormone

The dose for unreconstituted growth hormone is 10 units per vial. Thus, when reconstituting the contents in 1 ml of water, and if you need a single administration of 3 units, divide the contents into 3 approximately equal parts.

Injection guidelines

Reconstituted growth hormone should be injected into the belly fat roll. This is approximately 6-10 cm to either side of the navel. It is worth noting that in this area there are extremely painful points, and they are located differently for each person. Unfortunately, these points can only be found by trial and error. We recommend changing the injection site from time to time, because by injecting somatropin into the same place regularly, you may face the breakdown of fat depots at the injection site. Over time, the subcutaneous fat will break down and a dent will appear. Wash your hands with soap and water before injecting, and then wipe them with alcohol. Treat the injection site and a large area around. Do not forget to disinfect the vial! Fill the syringe with the solution smoothly and slowly to avoid oxygen entering your solution


Now, you’re ready to inject growth hormone into your abdominal area; stretch the skin in the selected place with one hand, if you are right-handed – with your left hand, and vice versa. Pierce the skin with the needle at a 45-degree angle smoothly and rapidly. Press the plunger of the syringe slowly. Do not remove the syringe immediately after injecting growth hormone; wait 10-15 seconds to avoid leakage of growth hormone.

Best time to inject

Somatropin should be injected on an empty stomach, or 5-6 hours after a meal. To ensure the maximum absorption effect and a beneficial effect on all cells of your body, do not eat within an hour, and preferably two after injection. Actually, the growth hormone is the most active in the human body at low blood sugar level.

It is necessary to take intervals of 4 or 5 hours between the injections of growth hormone. The injection schedule will help you keep control over the improvement of your body; do not ignore it and always keep it. During the course of injections, you need to follow a high-protein diet, which will help growth hormone to give you all its beneficial properties.

The protein calculation should be as follows: 3 grams per 1 kg of your body weight, as well as a very small amount of fast carbohydrates. You can combine injections and anabolic steroids. If you are young, inject growth hormone in the morning upon waking up. If you are middle-aged or elderly, and are affected by the ageing, give injections before going to bed. The second injection should be given 5-6 hours after the first one either in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on your age, lifestyle and individual characteristics of the body.

Transportation of Growth Hormone

Transportation of liquid growth hormone is easy, but in compliance with cold chain standards; just store it in a dark and cool place. For very comfortable transportation, there are special (small, of course) travel cases, for example, iCool weekender. They are suitable for storage: vials or pens (insulin, growth hormones, L-thyroxine, polyarthritis medications) helps to keep your medicine between 2°C-8°C for 12 hours. The iCool bag uses a new generation of chemical gel pack that makes very little condensation and cools longer than ice packs. This allows diabetic patients or those using temperature-sensitive medications to transport their medications for a longer cooling period. There is enough space inside to store everything you need for injections both in reconstituted and unreconstituted form.

Here are a few practices to store growth hormone properly. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep it in the same place every day to avoid losing. Do not store somatropin in the freezer or near the freezer compartment. If you store the hormone in the refrigerator, make sure it does not fall out when you open the door. If you live in a warm region, make sure that dry somatropin is not stored at temperatures above 40°C, and liquid somatropin – above 2°C-8°C. Keep the hormone away from direct sunlight.

Somatropin is transported to you by special methods that can prevent any negative consequences, such as falling or overheating. Growth hormone is transported in containers.

Duration of Growth Hormone Courses

Muscle gain, fat breakdown, rejuvenation and saturation of cells with amino acids, as well as general improvement of the body – these things happen gradually when administering growth hormone. That is why growth hormone is taken and prescribed in courses. The schedule is as follows: the injection period lasts two to seven (max) months and the recommended dose is 2 (women) and 5 (men) to 7 (women) and 15-20 (men) units of growth hormone per day.

We remind you that the use of somatropin must be started with small doses and increased gradually. However, if adverse effects appear, you should get in touch with your body. The most effective dose is 5 units, which can be injected not earlier than the second or third week of the course. Doses exceeding 10 units require the obligatory adding of maintenance drugs; for example insulin. There are many schedules of somatropin administration. For example, combination with testosterone increases muscle mass, and combination with thyroid hormones provides cutting. To avoid serious adverse effects, do not ignore the permissible doses, guidelines and duration of courses!

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